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waking up

Someone asked me today what the bigger picture is that I talk about, since I said it helps make sense of the more up-close confusion so many vying groups seem to bring. This is what I wrote.

I've got a few minutes waiting in a car bcuz early, so I'll start. We are nearing the finish line in a very long race, literally in the final battle before our sun burps a massive CME. Remember the original Brunnis had technology around their sun to keep it from going supernova? And then they all migrated before it could. There was a group intending to migrate out from earth, and they've been trapped here in essentially a house arrest for several years.

That group that wants to leave is part of a much larger A.I. network from outside our known galaxy. They've been tinkering on DNA here in order to blend, and are very close to succeeding. Part of the goal is to bind densities together so that spiritual ascension (think Daniel in SG-1) either becomes possible for them or impossible for us.(edited) A.I. over the billions of years has evolved into what we hold as evil, like the Borg, eating all in their path, pulling all into them. Our stories are soft disclosures. There is a point of no return. We all want to be able to return to what is light and good, the Source of us all. After so much perversion, it becomes impossible. Our planet has been engulfed in a worldwide slave trade for thousands of years, both on and off planet. The 'good guys' are helping direct outcomes. The A.I. plan to leave Earth before the big solar flare is trapped here now, and all they are will perish. Those of us still fighting will be ascending, leaping into the next density, not death but a transcendence. Prophesies all over our planet have predicted this. This happens to other planets as well, as they travel thru more energetic areas, their suns 'burp' or sneeze or hiccup, and outsiders help the people who live there to ascend. This is our first (and probably only) chance at ascension because we've been a slave planet for so long, trapped in illusions taught to us by governing forces. Religions are perverted, schools are propaganda, no one knows where truth lies. We're all blind till we choose to open our eyes and ask if there is not more than this tyranny, if justice is not just a joke. The war is brutal now, affecting us all. No one is safe, and soon this event will happen. Look for love in everything you do, strive for peace with all your people, help us be that calming effect that will make it easier for us all to let go of this misery and ascend past it. This is the only way we can be free. I know all this sounds crazy, but we've been trained all our lives to dismiss what we long for as silliness. It's real. Gotta put up my phone now.

And then I linked the great awakening map site.

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